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Step into our Magical Gardens

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Visit 528’s magical gardens and enjoy live entertainment and guest DJs that make it the place to meet, mix, dance, eat and drink on the island. Enjoy gourmet street food, explore our signature cocktails and indulge in mouthwatering interpretations of fresh local delicacies that blur the lines between tradition and modernity. Stroll amongst our light installations and enjoy our daily events and happenings. In the 528 GARDENS, mixology, fantastic food, and live entertainment turn every sunset into a multi-sensorial night to remember.

Our Food

Our talented chefs Gonzalo Araguez and Massimo Bartelloni will take you on a magical culinary journey around the globe, creating street food with a special 528 twist. Using mainly local, fresh ingredients all of our dishes are perfect for sharing.


World-famous mixologist Alberto Pizzaro is back for his second year with 528 and a drinks menu that reflects the relaxed, comfortable vibe of our gardens. Our cocktails are packed with fresh, local ingredients elevated by our signature creative touches. Expect the unexpected!

“When the world wearies and society fails to satisfy, there is always the garden.”

Minnie Aumonier

Our Garden Events

The finest mixology, gourmet street food and live entertainment make every sundown a multi sensorial moment to remember.

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Garden Food

Our garden culinary offering is a journey around the world.

Our talented chefs have created a street food menu and every dish is lovingly prepared with a very special 528 twist.

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