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The 528 Ibiza story began with Bartolo Escandell, a born-and-bred Ibicenco who had dreamed of developing a truly theatrical dining experience since the ’70s. In 2021 a group of creatives, including long-term industry pioneers Andy McKay (Pikes, Manumission) and Jose Corraliza (Heart, Ibiza) came together on the island to realise this dream.

Today, on a sprawling estate in the beautiful hills of Benimussa, guests can explore the twists and turns of the 528 Ibiza experience, with innovative dining, mixology and performances designed to open the mind, feed the senses and fill the heart with unbridled joy. Adding to the ethereal ambience is the love frequency, 528 Hz, which is at the core of everything we do. At 528, heritage and nature combine on stage, in our kitchen and in our souls.

The 528 Frequency

Further adding to the ethereal ambience is the miracle frequency, 528 Hz, the healing frequency at the core of Ibiza and everything we do. Heritage and nature combine on stage, in our kitchen and in our souls.

Our Events

Our event calendar offers you all the best of live music and guest DJ’s. Take an eclectic musical journey around the globe with our daily happenings. Mix, dance, eat and drink all in the magical atmosphere our dinner and show or chill out in our magical gardens.

Notorious Manumission renegade and Ibiza maestro Andy Mckay has always had a good nose for whats hot in Ibiza. One of the first people to bring live bands to the island in the form of Ibiza Rocks, Andy’s vision and drive are at the heart of 528 Ibiza.


Andy McKay

Rosie Beck is a seasoned senior creative manager and leader with over fifteen years experience in the entertainment and hospitality sector. She has been involved since the first moment of this project. In fact the brand 528 was her idea.

Managing Director

Rosie Beck

José Corraliza, CEO and Founder of Artful Entertainment, a creative troupe dedicated to provoke emotions through their experiences. With more than 30 years dedicated to the music, hospitality, events and arts, he travelled around the world touring with different bands, shows and lived in Canada where he worked as Cirque du Soleil Vice President of Touring shows and Operations. He moved to Ibiza in 2015 where he was the creative director for Heart Ibiza, the project by Adria Brothers and Cirque du Soleil. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer for Island Hospitality

Creative Guide

Jose Corraliza

Gonzalo Aragüez hails from Argentina and has worked in a diverse number of kitchens across the globe. (Lío Ibiza, Destino Ibiza, Mandarin Oriental, Astrid y Gastón, Le Cirque) He brought his exciting culinary vision to 528 last year and continues to astound and amaze us with his vision and artistry.

Executive Chef

Gonzalo Araguez

Massimo Bartelloni (W Ibiza, Piccola Cucina, Lío Ibiza, Supperclub, Ristorante Mario Uva) brings with him a wealth of experience, his Italian roots and radical culinary vision have seen him work at some of the finest restaurants on the island and beyond. 

Executive Chef

Massimo Bartelloni

Alberto Pizarro is one of the most influential bartenders in Spain, where he has been a national winner in competitions such as World Class and MIXLDN. In 2011 he won the Theater and the stars international final in New Delhi while positioning his bar Bobby Gin as one of the most highly regarded in his category. Since 2021 he directs the beverage offer at 528 with a selection that combines the best international products with local producers.

Mixologist Extraordinaire

Alberto Pizzaro

Step into our Magical Gardens

Visit 528’s magical gardens and enjoy live entertainment and guest DJs that make them the place to meet, mix, dance, eat and drink on the island. Savour gourmet street food, explore our signature cocktails and indulge in mouthwatering interpretations of fresh local delicacies that blur the lines between tradition and modernity. Stroll amongst our light installations and take in our daily events and happenings. In the 528 GARDENS, mixology, fantastic food, and live entertainment turn every sunset into a multi-sensorial night to remember.

The 528 Hz frequency resonates at the core of everything we do. it’s all about healing, connection, spirituality, awareness, inner peace, creativity and above all things, it’s about love.

Our Food

Our culinary team – led by internationally renowned head chef Gonzalo Aragüez and sous-chef Massimo Bartelloni – dig deep into Ibiza’s roots, creating a menu that evokes each element and sings with modern Mediterranean authenticity


In 528’s signature cocktail bar, world champion mixologist Alberto Pizarro and his expert team reinterpret classic cocktails and craft avant-garde creations combining fresh local ingredients with their signature flair.

About Artful Entertainment

Artful Entertainment is an International artistic and creative platform at the center of entertainment, art, luxury, gastronomy and technology.

Together with their artists, they create unique universes, 360 strategies and build contemporary cultural experiences.

Their roster is made up of multi-hyphenate creatives who inspire creative worlds through artistic direction, moving images, multimedia art, dance, circus, live performances, live music, and still life – from their hearts, their souls and potent intuition.

The Show

A journey through the history of Ibiza inspired by its tradition and inheritance stemming from the sea. Phoenician people, Payeses tradition, the liberation and rise of Ibiza in the ’70s and 80s and the Clubbing Culture. Elements, the heartbeat of the island: water, earth, air & fire Stages and segments have built the present and will create the future of our beloved Ibiza. Four elements, 4 Stages of the History. 528 Ibiza takes guests through a multi-sensorial experience fusing entertainment and high-end gastronomy that highlights the island’s culture and heritage. Our vibrant cast of entertainers and musicians combines costumiers and
visual artists in the most enchanting place to create our unique selling point – the 528 frequency (magical vibrations). Our award-winning chefs and mixologists leave our guests inspired, astounded and mesmerised, significantly creating memories that will last for a very long time – quite probably forever.