Welcome to 528 Ibiza

On the west coast of Ibiza the site of the former Benimussa Park has been transformed into a new multi venue entertainment destination for the modern Ibiza.

Reopening Summer 2023

The Story of 528

The 528 Ibiza story began with Bartolo Escandell, a born-and-bred Ibicenco who had dreamed of developing a truly theatrical venue experience since the ’70s. A venue in tune with both nature & the positive energy of the island.

In 2021 a group of creatives, including long-term industry pioneers Andy McKay (Pikes, Ibiza Rocks, Manumission) and Jose Corraliza (Heart Ibiza) came together to realise this dream.

Named after 528hz – the famous frequency associated with love, energy, awareness and creativity – Today on a sprawling estate in the beautiful hills of Benimussa, guests can explore the twists and turns of the 528 Ibiza experience.

Surrounded by nature with outdoor and indoor venue spaces to discover, innovative dining & drinks options to savour and a yearly programme of unique events hosted by the biggest brands and artists in the world to enjoy get ready to open your mind, feed your senses and fill your heart with joy.

'The venue is a complete rarity, a feast for the eyes, ears & palette'

Ibiza Spotlight Summer 2022

'A destination unlike anywhere else on the island'

White Ibiza Summer 2022